Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dressing the Part

Well, here's a bit of foreshadowing for you.  Did anyone take a gander at this crazy belt my husband wore to church?  I tried to get a photo of him wearing it, but he got into his elastic pants before I could get the kids carried in from the van.  He's kinda like Mr. Rogers, but instead of cardigans, it is pants.  As soon as he arrives home from anywhere...he immediately changes into his trusty sweatpants. Well, just remember this crazy belt!

Rewind to 2:00 AM, I just came back into the room from being up with Z.  Kee started patting my arm.  Then he held up two fingers and pretended to cut the air.  This went on for about 5 minutes.  Z must have rolled into the side of his crib, because a loud thud came across the monitor. Kee, "I hear something! Did you hear something?" I knew he was sleep-talking because his fingers were still slicing away at the air. 

Then he stiffened out his arm and pointed at the far wall.  "Has anyone ever asked you to ride that cow? Could you do if for 8 seconds?!"
I grabbed for my phone, thinking I could maybe videotape this (it was too dark and he was talking in a quiet whisper).
"Well, they don't know that I'm the meanest guy in the pasture!" Kee said in a gruff voice.
I asked some clarifying questions, but the moment was over and no video!

In the morning, I asked him if he was able to ride that cow for 8 seconds.  He looked at me in shock. 
"Jess, I dreamed that this bull speared me in the side...that's why my ribs are sore."

We finished getting ready for church, and out Kee came wearing that belt.  I'm not even sure where it came from.  He asked what shoes he should wear (this is always a dilemma for him).  I think he had his heart set on wearing his cowboy boots (yes, he owns a pair), but I let him know that one piece of western-wear was enough for one day. I'm not that crazy about him dressing like his dreams, I bet you are all glad that this new phenomenon has happened after the ninja dreams.  Pretty sure we might scare a few people at church if Kee decided to dress as a baby ninja fighter!

I may just have to inform Kee that he is not Lane Frost.  It has been years since we've watched that movie...I just hope he doesn't bring back his Brownie fighting days from Willow!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Let's make up!

Very recently I was asked by a coworker, "How do you have time to blog with two kids?"  Well, to that I answererd, "I do most of my writing in the late hours of the night when my kiddos are up (don't get me started on the sleep issues)!"  I divulged that many "home" tasks do not get done...she was talking about cleaning her ceiling fan!  Because my kiddos cannot coordinate their  napping schedules during the day, I have a hard time even getting the dishwasher unloaded!

Well, during the most recent snow day I aimed to be productive!  While Z was napping and Twiggy was watching Nick Jr in my room, I ran downstairs to put some laundry in the washer.  I was probably downstairs for 10 minutes (and that is being generous).  I often leave my daughter to her own devices for short bits of time.  She can happily play dollhouse solo, read books to her baby dolls, and work on puzzles while I tackle these small domestic jobs.  No big deal!

I returned back upstairs to find my bedroom door closed.  I thought this was strange.  I began to open it, and Twiggy immediately stopped me from the other side. Judging from experience, that is not good!

I very sternly instructed her to let me in.  As soon as the door opened, a wave of fruity scent hit my nose!  Hmmm....smelled so good. She was hiding behind the door.  First I see my hair serum...with about a quarter of it missing (that was the good aroma)! She had smeared it all over our wooden furniture and our full length mirror.

Then Twiggy peered from behind the door.  The photos don't do it justice, but she had foundation ALL over her face!

Her lips were covered....her eyelashes were beige!

It wasn't good.

My foundation container looked like it had been left out in the hot sun. 
I felt my temper rising. But for some strange reason I remembered a time when one of my childhood friends and I had gotten into a similarly messy situation. 

My dear friend and I had spent lots of time together...she lived right down the alley from me.  She and I were very quiet, well-mannered little first graders. One afternoon we thought we'd help my mom out.  We simply cleaned the bathroom sink for her.  Now I'm sure that would make any  mother excited to have two tiny maids. Well.... as long as their cleaning agent wasn't toothpaste.  That's right, a whole tube! I don't really remember how big of a mess it was, I just remembered Mom wasn't thrilled.  She didn't yell...she didn't have to.  We knew she was upset. I'm not sure who cleaned up the caked on toothpaste or what we did next.  I just know that we never did it again!

So looking at my painted mime of a daughter, I did what my mother did many years ago.  I asked the question, "Are you supposed to do that?"  "I sorry!" she pouted. First I got the camera and snapped a few pictures. We got a washcloth and both of us began cleaning (this process took quite a while).  Maybe in 25 years, Twiggy will be walking into a mess created by my grandchildren and she'll remember this story.  Hopefully she will not get angry, but maybe secretly giggle when she walks into the other room to get her camera.

I have to say that my mom just watched the kiddos last weekend and warned me that Twiggy was a sneaky little girl.  I think it was something about her coloring all over her hand with a marker while she sat beside my mom.  Maybe mom sees a little of me in my daughter.  Yikes!

Oh yes! Hours later when I was no longer upset and the make-up was pretty much washed away, I found this!  My make-up bag in the sink, filled with water.  I'm not even sure how she reached the faucet handles.  Oh Jessica, remember the toothpaste!  Remember the toothpaste!

Don't worry Twiggy and I have made up!  We talked about not getting into Mommy's things without asking.  We'll see how long that lasts!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Where's Spot?!

Here's what I'm falling for this Friday!

Neither one of my children slept through the night as babies (Z still is not).  I read so many books on the subject and decided they needed a "lovey."  I searched and searched for one for Twiggy to no avail.  Oh, I bought them...but she just didn't really take to them.  So about a month ago I began the search again this time for my son.  I read a few blogs and found lots of mommas raving about the Angel Dear Loveys.  I decided to check them out!  I actually bought a brand new one from Ebay.  I bought the leopard :)
It is so soft and cuddly.  I was pretty amazed at how quickly my son took to it.  No, he isn't sleeping any better but he does have ahold of it everytime I go in there at night.  He gets a big smile on his face when I hold it out to him. 

His birthday is next month.  I will be ordering the Pair and a thoughtful!  This way he'll have one for home, the wash, daycare, and a spare!!! I will be sure to rotate all of them so they all get equal lovin'!

This is not a paid advertisement...I promise!  I just think these are the best!  You can find them all over: Amazon, Ebay,, etc.  If you are on the lookout for a lovey...check these out!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

How many Puffs are too many?

"Us new friend is coming here?" my daughter asked as we stashed away the daycare bags and tried to tidy up the house (this was mainly done by shutting all the bedroom doors :).  She was talking about our insurance salesman.  I asked Kee to put away the toys that were on the dining room table.  My daughter quickly put away her "wolly rockets" (aka: Polly Pockets).  I informed Kee that I was talking about HIS toys.

I'm sure his new Transformers will make their own blog post in the near future :(
 Well "Us New Friend" (we'll refer to him as UNF) arrived for our appointment in our home. We have had the pleasure of working with UNF for several years now and he informed us that he has had nineteen years in the business. Well, I'm not sure that he has ever met anyone like us. Kee always begins our meetings reminding UNF to please ask lots of questions if he should meet our Maker in an untimely fashion (we have purchased our life insurance plans through UNF). For all of you who are gasping...he is just kidding but keep reading...I'm sure UNF sees the plausibility of why that could happen).

So after Kee's classic opening, Tiny Z began to show his dislike for having to share his mommy attention time as he had been away from me all day. I had the trusty canister of Puffs. I cracked open the seal and began serving them to Z by two's. Displeasure was obvious. I gave him handfuls...more grunting and head thrusting. Finally I set him on the floor and just gave the canister to him. Next thing I heard was the Puffs falling upon the ground like little balls of hail.  I did the only thing that came naturally. I took away the now half full canister. UNF looked at me to see my reaction. Was I frazzled? Nope. Z was happy eating them frantically from the floor! It was only when seeing the shock on UNF's face did I realize that this may not be proper. isn't a big deal to see a tike pick up one puff from the floor and eat it. Not even strange to see them eat two from the floor. At this moment I feel compelled to inform you that the floor was freshly steam mopped...thank you Shark! (I tell you this because I do homevisiting as part of my job...and this is a question I would have).  I guess when it is more than 2 serving sizes (which one serving is 73 puffs) it gets a little questionable.

I poured out exactly 2 servings for illustration purposes. Don't worry this is on our dining room table!
I felt ashamed. I grabbed a bowl from the kitchen and began cleaning them up. My daughter offered to get off the dining room table (don't ask!) to help. My intentions were to fill the bowl so we could take them to the trash.  I left the room for a second and returned to find that she ate all the rogue puffs!

Hmm and these two budding geniuses are why we were meeting to buy college plans.

Don't blame them though...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. UNF was making small talk with Kee about plans to find a new house. Kee told him we'd like some acreage so we felt like we could breath. "I guess it's my Appalachian roots," Kee said.  He told him that the deciding factor was, "I want to be far enough away from my neighbors that I can stand out on my back porch and pee off it."
 I guess it is good to have options, but I'm sure UNF has placed a big red flag on the front of our file!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bathtime Help

My 3 year old daughter is becoming more and more independent everyday. Her newest venture is to wash herself during bathtime.  She likes to copycat while I wash her brother (for the moment they still bathe together...sure this will change soon).

Before even getting them into the tub, I am sure I have everything I need: washcloths, towels, cups for rinsing hair, soap, shampoo, lotion, rubber ducks, etc.  I put my daughter in charge of rounding up the jammies, pull-up for her (still wearing one at night), and diaper for her brother.

But perhaps the very best tip we have found is the Nick Jr song about handwashing.  Both kids love it!!!
 I couldn't find the song on Nick Jr's website, but did find a video on youtube of a child singing it:

She asks me to sing it everytime!  Not only is she learning precious adaptive skills, but her rubber duckies are getting squeaky clean also!

Do you have any bathtime tips that work in your house???

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Twiggy-locks and the 3 Bears

I am a huge believer in the idea that children learn through play!  This morning we turned off Nick Jr and made our own theatrical representation of Godilocks and the 3 Bears!
My daughter absolutedly loves books.  The story of the 3 Bears is a favorite.  We pulled out the two versions she has:
Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Picture Puffin Books)

First we made props...I warn you they are not the most artistic creations in the world.  I thought it was important to allow Twiggy to be part of this process and to come up with her own ideas for props.  We looked through the pages of the book and decided that we needed 3 bears.  We used some old headbands, black construction paper, scissors, and some good ol' tape to make our bear ears.  Check out Baby Bear...

Here's Mamma Bear and Baby Bear...don't worry those are safety scissors!

My daugther searched through her toy food bin for 3 bowls for the "pog" (aka: porridge).  She was sure to find three bowls and spoons of varying sizes: big, medium, and small.

She asked me to get her a dining room chair for Papa Bear. We moved the recliner for Mamma Bear's too soft chair and the play chair for Baby Bear's chair.

She had fun making three different size beds for the bears.  She even found a little doll pillow for Baby Bear's bed made from dishcloths.

She took a test run as Goldilocks finding that Baby Bear's chair was "Just Right!"

Goldilocks was so sleepy and took a quick slumber in Baby Bear's bed.

Lastly it was Mommy's turn to be Goldilocks.  After falling asleep in Baby Bear's perfectly comfortable bed, the bears returned and scared her away!!!

Acting out familiar stories is a wonderful pre-literacy skill.  It teaches children story comprehension and sequencing.  Involving your child in the creation of the props allows them to put valuable problem-solving skills to work!

After playing all day...we watched the story on youtube!

Nocturnal Ninjas!

Well, I am absolutely exhausted today.  Thank goodness for my dear friend Diet Mt Dew!

My 11 month old son, Z, still isn't sleeping through the night.  I scamper out of bed at 12:45 to feed him.  I sneak back into the warmth of my bed only to be greeted by my husbands outstretched hand.  He had it straight up in the air as if he was a kindergartner with a question.  Very quietly yet intensely he said, "Jess, be careful they are using swords for butter knives!"

I guess I should take a quick break to tell you that these sleep conversations are a regular occurrence from my husband of 7 years.  They are always crazy and comical.  And no, I have yet to catch them on tape.

Me: "Who has swords?"
Kee: "The baby ninjas!" (These pesky ninjas are also a recurring theme). "Why do they need utensils anyway?  Hmm...other than a three-prong fork."

I decide to ignore him, because I'm so tired.  Sometimes talking with him only keeps it going.  I lay my head on my pillow and close my eyes.  Then I hear him tossing and turning again.

Kee: (in an English accent) "If you're going to get up anyway...could you get me a spot o' tea?"

Thankfully that was the end of the talking for the night.  But somewhere between 2:00 am and 4:00 am, Twiggy (our 3 year old daughter) crawled into bed with us.  Then at 4:23 am, little Z decided he was hungry again.  Kee's alarm went off at 6:00 and Z woke up for good at 6:48am. you think I'll be lucky enough to have both kiddos nap at the same time today?

Welcome to 2011, girlie!

Well, I think it is about time that I get with the program and grab this technology by the horns!  I work outside the home part-time as a preschool special education supervisor and am also a full-time mommy to two adorable kiddos (a 3 year old daugther and an almost 1 year old son!).  I love my career working with preschoolers and I of course love love love spending time with my children and my husband!  Because I work both outside and in the home, I sometimes feel as though I can't tell if I'm coming or going.  I'm trying to find ways to somewhat oraganize my life while making it the best for my kids at the same time :)  This blog is just one way I'm hoping to archive some of our crazy memories!  Somedays I feel like if I don't write this stuff down...I will never believe it happened! I hope this blog makes you you ideas of things to try with your family....and helps me to cherish all these surreal days!