Sunday, May 8, 2011

Everyday is Father's Day!

Secretly I think every mother looks forward to Mother's Day with just a few wishes: more sleep, a little extra special attention, and maybe even something homemade by the darlings in your life.  At least that is what I have anxiously anticipated over the last four years. 

My morning started off at an early 5 AM.  Mr. Z was up and was as cranky as ever.  He and I tried rocking, laying on the couch, eating some Fruit Loops (don't judge me...his daddy gave him a Pop-Tart later).  He was just not a happy camper.  My husband and Twiggy came out of our room about 6:30. Kee took him from my weary arms and told me to lay back down.  Lay back down? I didn't even think twice about it...I practically dove back into bed.  It was Mother's Day after all, and I was taking full advantage!

I woke up an hour and a half later to scrambled eggs, biscuits, and bacon.  How sweet, I love when Kee makes breakfast!  On the table were my two Mother's Day cards and a beautiful vase!

(I guess I should stop the story and fill everyone in.  We are in housing limbo at the moment.  Last week we moved from our first home into our dear friend's house. We'll call him Uncle, because that is what our daughter calls him.  He and Kee met in college and the three of us have been close friends ever since.  Our plan is to live here until June when we are able to take possession of our new house.  Bless our friend!  I am sure there will be more stories about these escapades to come!)

First I opened my kids' card.  So sweet.  My daughter "wrote" her name and drew a picture of her and her brother.

Then I opened my husband's card.  Evidently Twiggy instructed him to also draw our family on the inside.  Take a closer look.  I'm sure you can pick out the kids, my husband, and myself.  When my husband thought he was finished, Twiggy demanded that he also include Uncle in the picture. 

Our family of four...wait 5!

We all began getting ready for church.  My husband unloaded the dishwasher while I jumped in the shower.  Every mom knows that sometimes the only escape we have is to get yourself into the bathroom and lock the door.  The entire time I was shampooing my hair, I heard tiny hands pounding and smacking the door.  Well, that is the closest thing I'll get to a spa ;)

Here's the picture I demanded we take before we left for church.

This was the best of 5 tries!
After church, Kee and Uncle grilled out.  We ate lunch and then my husband uttered those beautiful words, "Go take a nap."  Well, it is Mother's once again I bee-lined for the bed where I slumbered for the next hour. 

I continued to use the Mother's Day validation as the day went on.  We went for a walk, went to Wal-mart, and even stopped to get ice-cream.  When it was time for the kids' baths, my husband wasn't about to buy the Mother's Day ploy easily.  With a little hand-holding he tried man-handling Z in the tub as if he were a washed up fish writhing and twisting.  He yelled from the bathroom, "I could use a little help in here!"  This made me chuckle because somehow I manage to bathe the kids everynight single-handedly.  I didn't come to his rescue immediately because I was chasing down Twiggy who was adamant that she wasn't taking a bath if Daddy was doing it.  Finally I got her in the tub for him and got everyone's jammies, diapers, and pull-ups laid out.  Twiggy began screaming and shrieking.  I wish I could have snapped a picture of Uncle's face as he walked in the backdoor.  He was alarmed by the sounds that were echoing through his house.  Welcome family of four!  I had to rescue Kee and get the kids out of the tub.

As we sat and visited with our friends this evening, Kee made the comment of how it must be nice that I took two naps today.  I quickly pointed out, "It isn't a nap if it is at 6:30 in the morning! Plus it was Mother's Day!" 

Just a few minutes ago, I reminded Kee to do one more favor for me before he went to bed.  "I can't wait until it is Father's Day!" he grumbled, annoyed with all the extra work he did for the day.  To which I replied, "Everyday is Father's Day for you!" 

I'm not man-bashing at all.  But I bet that this is true in many of your homes, too. On Mother's Day, moms just want someone to lighten their load for the day.  Nothing special...just so someone else knows how hard we work!  Which I think Kee knows, but it never hurts for a little reminder ;)

My husband and my kids blessed me today and I got my three wishes.  Extra sleep....if you ask my husband, I got two naps.  Extra special attention...check!  Something homemade....look at my cute cards!

I will start planning my husband's extra special Father's Day tomorrow, but not tonight...I can still milk this Mother's Day for another couple hours!

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