Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teachers Beware!

I taught in a preschool classroom for five years.  In that amount of time, I have learned countless lessons about life.  Today I will share one with you:

Don't judge parents by the actions of their children!

I'm not even talking about the major things at center time or recess.  I am not bring up hitting, kicking, biting, or the other big no-no's in a school.  No, today is something far worse...something that I think all kids must do at one time or another. 

I used to sit in front of the class of 20 kids, holding a puppet in one hand, turning the pages of a big book with the other; all while keeping my eye out for the "unthinkable." I was always amazed that the most darling, prim and proper little girl would do the "unthinkable."  I remember thinking to my self, "Oh how gross!  How can a little girl be so cute, but have such poor manners?  Aren't her parents embarrassed?!"

Teachers, I know many of you have just started back into the classroom for the year.  The school supplies still have that new smell.  The kids are just learning the routines and rules of the classroom.  Please remember the life lesson above.  You never know when the tables will be turned.

Here's when the roles reversed for me.  I was sitting on the edge of Twiggy's bed while she perused the countless books in her nighttime routine.  I was gazing at her, admiring her sweet little features, and thinking about how blessed Kee and I were.  That's when Twiggy did the "unthinkable!"  What is the "unthinkable?" Oh, you have all seen it!  It makes your stomach turn!  She placed her bubblegum pink painted finger inside her nose...and you guessed it...then put her finger in her mouth!  I can hardly write it, because it upsets my stomach! 

Me: What are you doing?
Twiggy: Nothing....
Me: Don't pick your nose!  And definitely DO NOT eat it!
Twiggy: Why? (It had never occurred to her that this was not what you do)
Me: It is gross! And it will give you a belly ache! (I was pulling at strings...when in doubt threaten sickness)
Twiggy: Mom!  I didn't chew it!

I was so grossed out, but it made me laugh at the same time.  Never did I dream that it would be my sweet, sweet Twiggy who would partake in the "unthinkable."  I'm just hoping she doesn't take her hobby to story time!