Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Wife Application

Tonight while eating dinner with our friends, Keithen announces that he is taking applications for a new wife.  Along with my friends, I came up with the following application :)  Ladies, if you would like me to email you a PDF version...I can! 

Wife Application

Nickname: ___________________________

List the instruments you are able to play (extra points for bluegrass instruments):
Write out the words to “Country Roads”:
What colors and patterns would you allow me to wear with camouflage?
What History channel shows can you tolerate watching?
Can you cook?
Yes                          No
Would you be upset if I woke you from a nap?
Yes                          No
Are you a Dream Squasher?
Yes                          No
Do bibs alone constitute an outfit?
Yes                          No
Would you be mad if I peed off the front porch?
Yes                          No
Have you ever lost both your driver’s license and debit card in the same week?
Yes                          No
How do you feel about kites?
Love                       Hate

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