Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Heart Trimmings

Our search for a house has left us a little doubtful that we will find the perfect compromise for both Kee and I.  If you haven't read the "Home Sweet Home" post yet...you should..  http://twigsoffthebranches.blogspot.com/2011/03/home-sweet-home.html

Last week we decided to explore the possibility of building a home.  Kee went and talked with a builder.  He came home very excited with lots of brochures.  He explained to me how we could make as many upgrades as we'd like to the bathroom fixtures, kitchen cabinets, trim, etc.

These decisions must have been weighing heavily on his mind, because when I returned to bed after a late-night waking with Z he was "sleep-talking" about it. I pulled the covers over me only to be greeted by a fretting husband. 

Kee: "I just don't know what trim package to pick!!!"

Knowing how difficult it is for my husband to make any type of decision (what grocery store we'll stop at, where we go to eat, what shoes to wear with his outfit) I thought I would humor him and help him come to a conclusion.  I thought in my sleep-deprived reasoning that if I could uncover what trim package my sleeping husband desired, my waking husband would surely appreciate the information.

So I asked, "What is your heart telling you?"

Kee replied: "Ba-bum....ba-bum.....ba-bum......"

Well, I guess my waking husband will have to make this decision on his own!

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