Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Being Challenged

On my way home from our trip to West Virginia, I was searching the web on my phone.  I came across the HOMEmaker's CHALLENGE (you can get to the site by clicking on the button on the sidebar) which is based off of Sarah Mae's ebook, 31 Days to Clean, Having a Martha House the Mary Way. Hmmm...joining this was not a bad idea for me.  I know for sure that my house could use a little order!

I downloaded the book and began catching up on my ride home!  I was already 2 days behind.  So far I really like the book and enjoy reading the guest bloggers' comments on the HOMEmaker's website.

Day Two of Sarah Mae's ebook says that God made women to be "life-givers." The first way she says that women give life to others is through our words.  In Day Three, she gives 10 ways to give life to our homes.  The first step is to "give words that encourage, comfort, and edify others."  On the HOMEmaker's website, the guest blogger made reference to having to change her child's sheets in the night even though the child has been potty-trained for months.  The blog also referenced Proverbs 21:9, which I swear is my hubby's favorite verse.
“It is better to live in a corner of the housetop than in a house shared with a quarrelsome wife.”
Shoot, I just wanted to learn how to stay on top of my household chores!  I wasn't ready to take a look in the mirror!

Well, evidently God felt that I needed to take a deeper look at who I am and He decided to give me an opportunity to apply this knowledge.  The next morning, I pulled a brand new outfit for Twiggy from the back of her closet.  It was so cute!  Little black leggings (it was a cool 60 degrees out) with a black and white tunic.  The tunic had a sweet little 80's inspired necklace attached.  She loved it!  She kept modeling in front of her reflection in the fireplace.  While I was finishing up in the shower, my daughter came running into the bathroom.
Twiggy:  "Mommy...I broked my necklace. But don't worry, I picked up all the pieces so Z won't choke on them."
Me: "Okay.  Thanks for cleaning them up."
Twiggy: "Yep!" (A smile of relief crossed her face) "I put all the beads in my pudding cup and put them in the trash."
Me: "That was a good idea." (I may not have said this if I knew what she was going to ask next)
Twiggy: "Do you think you can fix it for me?"

Then I heard that still, small voice reminding me of all the things I had just read over the last couple of days. 
 I chose not to be angry when I heard how Twiggy broke the necklace (she hooked it around the bottom leg of her recliner and then stood on top of it). 

I chose not to snap when I saw all those beads drowning in the leftover pudding.

I chose to not grumble while I rinsed the offending pudding from those tiny beads.

I chose to honor my daughter's ideas when I saved those precious plastic beads.

I chose to speak life, instead of tear down.

I am embarrassed to say that this would not be my ordinary way of handling the situation.  I thank the sweet Lord for helping me remember to apply the lessons He is teaching me!

Let the challenge continue!!!

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  1. Nice work there, mom! How did the re-stringing and re-attaching to the shirt go?