Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Truth Always Comes Out

A few days ago I was picking up the toy room and found the following:

Twiggy's beloved Lee Middleton doll with pen marks all over the scalp! My heart sank.  I guess I should thank my lucky stars because as of right now no walls have been graced with crayon marks, no paint has left the easel, and no hair has been cut.  If it wasn't for the letter-like symbols, I would have instantly suspected my rambunctious 18 month old son. So I brought Twiggy in for a few questions.

Me: "What happened to the baby doll?"
Twiggy:  "I don't know."
Me:  "Who wrote on her with pen?"
Twiggy:  "Z must have."
Me: "Really? Z made the letter A on its head?"
Twiggy:  "No, it's not an A! I made a B!"

Hmmm....guilty!  I'm going to try a Magic Eraser to get the marks off.  Any suggestions?

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