Thursday, March 17, 2011

Embarrassing Moments of Breastfeeding: Z Eats the 2 B's

I have been blessed to have been able to nurse both my children.  I say blessed, because not everyone is able to do it.  For something that is supposed to be so natural, it comes with quite a learning curve for both the mommy and the baby! Along with lessons to be learned, breastfeeding comes with its fair share of embarrassing moments! And if you add a preschooler to the mix...embarrassing moments are a sure thing!

I remember my friend telling me how her oldest daughter pretended to nurse her dolls when she was feeding her infant.  I wondered what types of questions my daughter would have.  Twiggy was a little over 2 years old when Z was born.  She never seemed to ask questions, but instead came up with her own conclusions.

When I started back to work after maternity leave, Twiggy and her daddy discussed what Z likes to eat.  She frankly told him, "He eats the two b's." When her daddy asked what she meant, she explained, "Boobies and bottles!" She told everyone her new revelation!
One time she informed me, "He can only eat one boobie, Mommy!"

Kee said it was my fault for encouraging her with Twiggy-sized boppy pillows. I couldn't help is in my nature to foster pretend play!

Well, I may have to stand corrected!  Kee was gone on business, which meant that I was in charge of the drop-off and pick-up at daycare.  First I picked up Twiggy from her classroom.  She was as chatty as ever. We went to the infant room to get Z.  Twiggy immediately fulfilled her role in putting his empty bottles into his bag. 

Z was fussing a bit, so I said, "You must be hungry, Little Man."

Twiggy took on the role of her brother, which meant that her already high voice became an incredibly squeaky tone.  Think the chipmunks. 

"Him said, I want boooooobs!" Twiggy said as she used her little finger to move her brother's lips as if he was a ventriloquist dummy.

In case you were wondering, yes both daycare teachers were snickering and looking at me.

I suppose it is great that Twiggy knows that babies can both nurse and drink bottles.  I guess I cannot expect her to know that at is bottles!

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