Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bathtime Help

My 3 year old daughter is becoming more and more independent everyday. Her newest venture is to wash herself during bathtime.  She likes to copycat while I wash her brother (for the moment they still bathe together...sure this will change soon).

Before even getting them into the tub, I am sure I have everything I need: washcloths, towels, cups for rinsing hair, soap, shampoo, lotion, rubber ducks, etc.  I put my daughter in charge of rounding up the jammies, pull-up for her (still wearing one at night), and diaper for her brother.

But perhaps the very best tip we have found is the Nick Jr song about handwashing.  Both kids love it!!!
 I couldn't find the song on Nick Jr's website, but did find a video on youtube of a child singing it:

She asks me to sing it everytime!  Not only is she learning precious adaptive skills, but her rubber duckies are getting squeaky clean also!

Do you have any bathtime tips that work in your house???

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