Thursday, February 24, 2011

How many Puffs are too many?

"Us new friend is coming here?" my daughter asked as we stashed away the daycare bags and tried to tidy up the house (this was mainly done by shutting all the bedroom doors :).  She was talking about our insurance salesman.  I asked Kee to put away the toys that were on the dining room table.  My daughter quickly put away her "wolly rockets" (aka: Polly Pockets).  I informed Kee that I was talking about HIS toys.

I'm sure his new Transformers will make their own blog post in the near future :(
 Well "Us New Friend" (we'll refer to him as UNF) arrived for our appointment in our home. We have had the pleasure of working with UNF for several years now and he informed us that he has had nineteen years in the business. Well, I'm not sure that he has ever met anyone like us. Kee always begins our meetings reminding UNF to please ask lots of questions if he should meet our Maker in an untimely fashion (we have purchased our life insurance plans through UNF). For all of you who are gasping...he is just kidding but keep reading...I'm sure UNF sees the plausibility of why that could happen).

So after Kee's classic opening, Tiny Z began to show his dislike for having to share his mommy attention time as he had been away from me all day. I had the trusty canister of Puffs. I cracked open the seal and began serving them to Z by two's. Displeasure was obvious. I gave him handfuls...more grunting and head thrusting. Finally I set him on the floor and just gave the canister to him. Next thing I heard was the Puffs falling upon the ground like little balls of hail.  I did the only thing that came naturally. I took away the now half full canister. UNF looked at me to see my reaction. Was I frazzled? Nope. Z was happy eating them frantically from the floor! It was only when seeing the shock on UNF's face did I realize that this may not be proper. isn't a big deal to see a tike pick up one puff from the floor and eat it. Not even strange to see them eat two from the floor. At this moment I feel compelled to inform you that the floor was freshly steam mopped...thank you Shark! (I tell you this because I do homevisiting as part of my job...and this is a question I would have).  I guess when it is more than 2 serving sizes (which one serving is 73 puffs) it gets a little questionable.

I poured out exactly 2 servings for illustration purposes. Don't worry this is on our dining room table!
I felt ashamed. I grabbed a bowl from the kitchen and began cleaning them up. My daughter offered to get off the dining room table (don't ask!) to help. My intentions were to fill the bowl so we could take them to the trash.  I left the room for a second and returned to find that she ate all the rogue puffs!

Hmm and these two budding geniuses are why we were meeting to buy college plans.

Don't blame them though...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. UNF was making small talk with Kee about plans to find a new house. Kee told him we'd like some acreage so we felt like we could breath. "I guess it's my Appalachian roots," Kee said.  He told him that the deciding factor was, "I want to be far enough away from my neighbors that I can stand out on my back porch and pee off it."
 I guess it is good to have options, but I'm sure UNF has placed a big red flag on the front of our file!

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