Saturday, February 26, 2011

Let's make up!

Very recently I was asked by a coworker, "How do you have time to blog with two kids?"  Well, to that I answererd, "I do most of my writing in the late hours of the night when my kiddos are up (don't get me started on the sleep issues)!"  I divulged that many "home" tasks do not get done...she was talking about cleaning her ceiling fan!  Because my kiddos cannot coordinate their  napping schedules during the day, I have a hard time even getting the dishwasher unloaded!

Well, during the most recent snow day I aimed to be productive!  While Z was napping and Twiggy was watching Nick Jr in my room, I ran downstairs to put some laundry in the washer.  I was probably downstairs for 10 minutes (and that is being generous).  I often leave my daughter to her own devices for short bits of time.  She can happily play dollhouse solo, read books to her baby dolls, and work on puzzles while I tackle these small domestic jobs.  No big deal!

I returned back upstairs to find my bedroom door closed.  I thought this was strange.  I began to open it, and Twiggy immediately stopped me from the other side. Judging from experience, that is not good!

I very sternly instructed her to let me in.  As soon as the door opened, a wave of fruity scent hit my nose!  Hmmm....smelled so good. She was hiding behind the door.  First I see my hair serum...with about a quarter of it missing (that was the good aroma)! She had smeared it all over our wooden furniture and our full length mirror.

Then Twiggy peered from behind the door.  The photos don't do it justice, but she had foundation ALL over her face!

Her lips were covered....her eyelashes were beige!

It wasn't good.

My foundation container looked like it had been left out in the hot sun. 
I felt my temper rising. But for some strange reason I remembered a time when one of my childhood friends and I had gotten into a similarly messy situation. 

My dear friend and I had spent lots of time together...she lived right down the alley from me.  She and I were very quiet, well-mannered little first graders. One afternoon we thought we'd help my mom out.  We simply cleaned the bathroom sink for her.  Now I'm sure that would make any  mother excited to have two tiny maids. Well.... as long as their cleaning agent wasn't toothpaste.  That's right, a whole tube! I don't really remember how big of a mess it was, I just remembered Mom wasn't thrilled.  She didn't yell...she didn't have to.  We knew she was upset. I'm not sure who cleaned up the caked on toothpaste or what we did next.  I just know that we never did it again!

So looking at my painted mime of a daughter, I did what my mother did many years ago.  I asked the question, "Are you supposed to do that?"  "I sorry!" she pouted. First I got the camera and snapped a few pictures. We got a washcloth and both of us began cleaning (this process took quite a while).  Maybe in 25 years, Twiggy will be walking into a mess created by my grandchildren and she'll remember this story.  Hopefully she will not get angry, but maybe secretly giggle when she walks into the other room to get her camera.

I have to say that my mom just watched the kiddos last weekend and warned me that Twiggy was a sneaky little girl.  I think it was something about her coloring all over her hand with a marker while she sat beside my mom.  Maybe mom sees a little of me in my daughter.  Yikes!

Oh yes! Hours later when I was no longer upset and the make-up was pretty much washed away, I found this!  My make-up bag in the sink, filled with water.  I'm not even sure how she reached the faucet handles.  Oh Jessica, remember the toothpaste!  Remember the toothpaste!

Don't worry Twiggy and I have made up!  We talked about not getting into Mommy's things without asking.  We'll see how long that lasts!

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