Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Twiggy-locks and the 3 Bears

I am a huge believer in the idea that children learn through play!  This morning we turned off Nick Jr and made our own theatrical representation of Godilocks and the 3 Bears!
My daughter absolutedly loves books.  The story of the 3 Bears is a favorite.  We pulled out the two versions she has:
Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Picture Puffin Books)

First we made props...I warn you they are not the most artistic creations in the world.  I thought it was important to allow Twiggy to be part of this process and to come up with her own ideas for props.  We looked through the pages of the book and decided that we needed 3 bears.  We used some old headbands, black construction paper, scissors, and some good ol' tape to make our bear ears.  Check out Baby Bear...

Here's Mamma Bear and Baby Bear...don't worry those are safety scissors!

My daugther searched through her toy food bin for 3 bowls for the "pog" (aka: porridge).  She was sure to find three bowls and spoons of varying sizes: big, medium, and small.

She asked me to get her a dining room chair for Papa Bear. We moved the recliner for Mamma Bear's too soft chair and the play chair for Baby Bear's chair.

She had fun making three different size beds for the bears.  She even found a little doll pillow for Baby Bear's bed made from dishcloths.

She took a test run as Goldilocks finding that Baby Bear's chair was "Just Right!"

Goldilocks was so sleepy and took a quick slumber in Baby Bear's bed.

Lastly it was Mommy's turn to be Goldilocks.  After falling asleep in Baby Bear's perfectly comfortable bed, the bears returned and scared her away!!!

Acting out familiar stories is a wonderful pre-literacy skill.  It teaches children story comprehension and sequencing.  Involving your child in the creation of the props allows them to put valuable problem-solving skills to work!

After playing all day...we watched the story on youtube!

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