Friday, February 25, 2011

Where's Spot?!

Here's what I'm falling for this Friday!

Neither one of my children slept through the night as babies (Z still is not).  I read so many books on the subject and decided they needed a "lovey."  I searched and searched for one for Twiggy to no avail.  Oh, I bought them...but she just didn't really take to them.  So about a month ago I began the search again this time for my son.  I read a few blogs and found lots of mommas raving about the Angel Dear Loveys.  I decided to check them out!  I actually bought a brand new one from Ebay.  I bought the leopard :)
It is so soft and cuddly.  I was pretty amazed at how quickly my son took to it.  No, he isn't sleeping any better but he does have ahold of it everytime I go in there at night.  He gets a big smile on his face when I hold it out to him. 

His birthday is next month.  I will be ordering the Pair and a thoughtful!  This way he'll have one for home, the wash, daycare, and a spare!!! I will be sure to rotate all of them so they all get equal lovin'!

This is not a paid advertisement...I promise!  I just think these are the best!  You can find them all over: Amazon, Ebay,, etc.  If you are on the lookout for a lovey...check these out!


  1. I remember Mallory running around with her "lovey" and calling it her "wi-ah-wi" not sure how to spell that one!

  2. Lisa: yes! That white blankey with the silky edges! We used to get quite a few stares when she'd ask for it in public!