Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dressing the Part

Well, here's a bit of foreshadowing for you.  Did anyone take a gander at this crazy belt my husband wore to church?  I tried to get a photo of him wearing it, but he got into his elastic pants before I could get the kids carried in from the van.  He's kinda like Mr. Rogers, but instead of cardigans, it is pants.  As soon as he arrives home from anywhere...he immediately changes into his trusty sweatpants. Well, just remember this crazy belt!

Rewind to 2:00 AM, I just came back into the room from being up with Z.  Kee started patting my arm.  Then he held up two fingers and pretended to cut the air.  This went on for about 5 minutes.  Z must have rolled into the side of his crib, because a loud thud came across the monitor. Kee, "I hear something! Did you hear something?" I knew he was sleep-talking because his fingers were still slicing away at the air. 

Then he stiffened out his arm and pointed at the far wall.  "Has anyone ever asked you to ride that cow? Could you do if for 8 seconds?!"
I grabbed for my phone, thinking I could maybe videotape this (it was too dark and he was talking in a quiet whisper).
"Well, they don't know that I'm the meanest guy in the pasture!" Kee said in a gruff voice.
I asked some clarifying questions, but the moment was over and no video!

In the morning, I asked him if he was able to ride that cow for 8 seconds.  He looked at me in shock. 
"Jess, I dreamed that this bull speared me in the side...that's why my ribs are sore."

We finished getting ready for church, and out Kee came wearing that belt.  I'm not even sure where it came from.  He asked what shoes he should wear (this is always a dilemma for him).  I think he had his heart set on wearing his cowboy boots (yes, he owns a pair), but I let him know that one piece of western-wear was enough for one day. I'm not that crazy about him dressing like his dreams, I bet you are all glad that this new phenomenon has happened after the ninja dreams.  Pretty sure we might scare a few people at church if Kee decided to dress as a baby ninja fighter!

I may just have to inform Kee that he is not Lane Frost.  It has been years since we've watched that movie...I just hope he doesn't bring back his Brownie fighting days from Willow!

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